The Woolly Python

This is me. Always.

Hello everyone!

For my first blog post I figured I would introduce myself and the idea behind the Woolly Python brand. So for those of you who don’t know who I am, you can just call me Mynny. I am a designer who mostly focuses on the art of crocheting. I especially love crocheting animals and tiny dolls. I love the idea of making an animal that is normally seen as terrifying or unattractive into a tiny ball of absolute cuteness.

I started crocheting as a hobby to keep myself busy and distracted. You see, I deal with severe depressive and anxiety disorders. And for the first two-thirds of my life, I forced myself to ignore my mental health and blamed myself for any symptoms that seemed to arise from it. While I may, occasionally, refer to that time and reflect upon it, let’s fast forward to the present. Now at twenty-something, I have managed to learn more about myself, which includes how to live with my depression and anxiety. And my new website is basically a dedication to that. I want to show how incredibly far I’ve come from being someone who thought it was never going to end. It took so much time and a lot of work to become the person I am now. Someone who is not weaker because of mental health, but stronger for having to fight for myself.

And honestly, I haven’t changed except for learning how to cope with mental illness. I’m still the same person I’ve always been, but now I have done the work to finally understand that I am a person worth believing in. And now, I’m going to believe in myself. The Woolly Python is everything about myself that I have been too afraid to show the world. But now I’m ready to share my dreams and imaginations with everyone.

Ultimately, my hope is that I can inspire others who have dealt with mental health. To inspire them to not give up on themselves, even when it seems like the only choice.

I know the struggle so well, and I just need you guys to know this: you are worthy and beautiful. Anyone who has ever told you otherwise is wrong. Absolutely wrong. We deserve to exist. We deserve to take up space. And we are going to prove them wrong.

So by sitting here and finalizing the business plans for the Woolly Python, I am choosing to listen to the people who have supported me through my hardest times and put value on my work. I have gone too long not letting myself believe I could accomplish anything. I am tired of holding myself back. So here it goes:

Hi. My name is Mynny and I make really cool things. And you should buy them and help support my dream.


  • Kimberly Nash

    Hi Mynny your words touched my heart in ways I cant fully express. I too have felt. the crippleing effects of depression and anxiety and believe whole heartedly that recovery is possible. The process of recovering is not for the faint of heart. It is hard work and painful but so worth it. I am inspired by your courage and I am so glad you shared a part of yourself through this blog.
    I look forward to seeing your creations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  • Michael

    Truly amazing intro! Mental Health is something people tend to not want to talk about . Looking forward to reading more of your blog 👍🏼

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